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Training Manager

LuGreg Trucking, LLC
Job Description
Training Manager
Reports To: Exec Team/General Manager Job Code: 11-3131
Division: Mid-Level Officials and Managers Pay Grade:
Department: Training FLSA Classification: Exempt
EEO Category: Training and Development Managers Last Updated: 03/2018
Lead, live, protect, and instill culture. This is the primary responsibility of any management position at LuGreg Trucking - to protect and instill our culture as defined in our vision, mission, and purpose
statements statements fully understanding that the corporate culture portrayed in these statements and characterized in our core values must be reflected in not just words, but in day to day actions. Although technical competency of company’s operations is of the utmost importance, all leadership positions at LuGreg Trucking fully understands that people management, development skills, and serving others are primary to the position’s and company’s success.
Training Manager Purpose
With the above primary responsibility of leading, living, protecting, and instilling culture forefront and fully understanding 
LuGreg Trucking’s desire to provide a workforce that is “Best in Class” reflective of “Operational Excellence for His Glory” the Training Manager will partner with managers to anticipate and meet the evolving personnel needs of the company. This will be accomplished through and by identifying, implementing, and assessment of training and recruitment strategies across all departments that fulfill our corporate expectation of excellence. This position is a true contributor to the growth of our company through the investment and growth of our people understanding that investing in people ultimately benefits us all. It will be the Training Manager’s goal to place and maintain LuGreg Trucking and associated entities, on the cutting edge of the oilfield service industry through cooperation, dedication, continuing education, new ideals, and improved methods. The Training Manager should never forget that our greatest assets are the grace of God and our people. We will work together as a team to achieve our corporate vision of “Operational Excellence for HIS Glory.”

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