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Group Savings


PrePass is the most reliable and most widely utilized weigh station bypass system in North America, with PrePass-equipped sites across every corridor north to south, east to west and hundreds of places in between. Through PrePass, over a half million commercial vehicles from qualified fleets are electronically pre-screened for compliance with federal and state safety and credential requirements. This electronic pre-screening allows them to stay on the road and bypass PrePass-equipped inspection facilities at highway speeds. Whether it is saving drivers and companies time, fuel and money at weigh stations, or keeping trucks out of the cash lanes at toll plazas with PrePass Plus, we offer best-in-class solutions for every qualified fleet operation.

Since 1999 in Oklahoma Companies with PrePass Saved:

619,6462 hours
2,974,3033 gallons of fuel
$54,351,3504 operational cost savings 

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phone: (210) 659-5319
Oklahoma Trucking Association